About me

Behind the top Mexican productions from Televisa, there exists top talent that is positioned to an international level; the Mexican Telenovelas.

Born in Mexico to a middle class family full of love, she has two sisters: Mar and Rocio, and parents whom they love, admire and respect.
Her talented family allowed Carla to be involved in the artistic media since she was a  child. Her mother is a renoun actress and her father was a dean of newspaper journalism.

Young, dynamic and above all very entrepreneurial, Carla Estrada is an alumni of the Metropolitan University having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication.

She endured many struggles to get a job with Mexican television, having started as an assistant.

In 1982 she became responsible for the stage management and external cameras on the telenovela “Vanessa”. During that same year (and until 1986) she served as the executive producer for the daily schedule of contests and music for the variety show  “XE TU” (which lasted five years on the air).

She has also produced programs such as “Las Diosas de Plata” y “La boda de Lucero y Mijares” among others. Related programs such as: “Picardía Mexicana”, “La Hora Pico” y “La Parodia”, always working beside Reinaldo Lopez whom she loves and ad- mires. However, her affinity for the production of telenovelas is what has provided her the greatest job satisfaction: “Pobre Juventud”, “Pobre Señorita Limantour”, “Quinceañera”, “Amor en silencio”, “Cuando llega el Amor”, “Amor de Nadie”, “De frente al Sol”, “Los Parientes Pobres”, “Mas Allá del Puente”, “Alondra”, “Lazos de Amor”, “Te Sigo Amando”, “Maria Isabel”, “El Privilegio de Amar”, “Mi Destino eres Tu”, “El Manantial”, “AmorReal”,“Alborada”,“Pasión”and“Sortilegio”. These are all telenovelas that have been seen and enjoyed around the world.

Two phrases that defined Carla Estrada on her road to success: “Up a Step” (Spanish: “Subir un Escalon”) and “Put Your Feet on the Ground” (“Poner Los Pies En La Tierra”). These two phrases seem contradictory at first, but eventually merge together to form the essence of success. “Up one step” for her means to not be afraid take risks, to be bold, and to be daring, searching ones heart and head for new forms of expression. “Put your feet on the ground” means to be grounded. Do not lose perspective of things, and to understand that history is written every day and that success is an invisible web that can ensnare and possibly destroy us.

One of the most solid and successful steps that have blessed this remarkable production team is to allow the integration of a strong and creative workforce – a team that has been together for over 20 years! Although the team is diverse the share one common goal: “The quality of their product”.