Community Service

Carla Estrada could not live being indifferent to all the need in which Mexico her country lives in, so she figured out formulas in order for her Telenovelas to have, besides entertainment, a social cause. She invited the actors to participate in this, being that they are opinion leaders and have a positive influence in the public.

This idea worked out very well, so much that all the Televisa Telenovelas adopted the model and integrated themselves to this new formula: TELENOVELAS WITH A CAUSE, being the Telenovelas the highest rating product and internationally the one with the highest sales (to more than 100 countries). This is an Enterprise where Carla is currently working and has worked for more than 34 uninterrupted years.

The Toy Kilometer (1990)
During the production of “Amor de Nadie” she created a way to give toys during that Christmas to orphans that were isolated in different institutions and created a campaign called “El Kilómetro de Juguetes” (The Toy Kilometer). Children were invited to donate their used toys in good conditions and different businesses united, giving away new toys, managing to raise 7 kilometers of toys.

Let’s Recolect Newspapers and Paper (1992)
During “De Frente al Sol”, public were invited to participate in a newspaper recollection through a radio program that the main character had in the Telenovela. (A trailer full of recycling paper was collected, donating to several elderly homes).

Citizen Complaint on Children Theft (1996)
The Telenovela “Te Sigo Amando” formed a partnership with parents whose child had been stolen. By means of a campaign within the Telenovela, which showed photographs and raised awareness in the population, it was made possible that two families recovered their lost child.

Be Part of Taking Care of Water and of the Enviroment (2001)
Through the Telenovela “El Manantial” and Fundación Televisa, rivers were cleaned, trees were planted and a huge campaign was disseminated to make the population aware of the importance of taking care of water. There were more than 30,000 drawings that arrived and were shown in Televisa and at the Secretaria del Medio Ambiente lobby. This helped in the formation of a high awareness level in the country.

One Kilo Of Help (2003 to 2010)
In the Telenovelas “Amor Real”, “Alborada”, “Pasión” and “Sortilegio”, Fundación Televisa and the Producer’s office united in the program called “Un Kilo de Ayuda” (One Kilo of Help) and they started working with the commitment and responsibility of helping to fight child malnutrition in Mexico. This has served to give food, medicines and provide Doctors to the most hidden communities.

An Inheritence For Life (2005 to this day)
Una Herencia de Vida (An Inheritance for Life) is a permanent campaign where The Order of the Malta Cross, Fundación Televisa, Brothers & Sisters, several actors and Carla Estrada donate 5% of the sale of each of the products that bear their name, to help mothers with AIDS who are expecting, so that their children are born healthy and so that they can feed them during their first years. (More than 300 children have been saved). Carla Estrada has inherited the social cause being that her family has been characterized for participating in social and altruist work for many years.